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Easter Basket Essentials

We believe in Easter basket essentials that will leave the kids with more of a rush of things to do, rather than just that initial sugar rush! We have compiled a list of essentials to help you stock your Easter baskets with items that will gain an exciting reaction from the littles, but still, supply them with fun activities long after the holiday ends!

Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

This fun twist on a classic Easter tradition is an activity that will have the kids hoping for hard-boiled eggs at every holiday dinner! Taking an otherwise ordinary white canvas and giving it a complete and total colorful makeover.. need we say more? Dyeing eggs is already so much fun to do for kids both young and old, and adding shaving cream to the process

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Spring Into Sports!

As the weather warms, our bodies crave to be more in motion, and so do their little bodies!  Spring is the perfect time for kids to follow the season change, start something new, and spring into sports! So, let’s talk about putting down the electronics and getting active! Physical Activity A body in motion is a body that tends to stay in motion!  Sports

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shamROCK this St. Patrick’s Day!

We want to help you make sure that you shamROCK this St. Patrick’s Day! Everybody’s beloved day of green, St. Patrick’s Day, is celebrated internationally. Dedicated to a Saint that, legend has it, drove all of the snakes of Ireland into the sea! The saint himself, was captured by pirates at the age of sixteen, and forced into slavery, and things didn’t look so good. But, he

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Beloved By Children Both Small and Tall!

Today, we celebrate the man beloved by kids both small and tall! Theodor Seuss Geisel is most commonly known by his pseudonym, Dr. Seuss, and for generations has provided readers everywhere with the most unforgettable stories. And to think that we may have never been introduced to his work, that’s right, though it sounds absurd!  Seuss’ original book And to Think that I Saw

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Staying Active While Indoors!

Giggles’ Favorite Ways of Staying Active While Indoors! Playing outdoors is great, but, let’s face it, rainy days are inevitable.  Don’t be taken off guard by mother nature, or just the lack of motivation to dress in anything but your PJs for the day and never leave the house!  There are so many indoor activities that we love, but we have gathered our favorites

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Kid-Approved Peanut Butter Alternatives

Did you know that we are a peanut-free facility? When Giggles Drop-In Childcare was still on the drawing board there were many crucial decisions that had to be made in order to ensure that every child had a safe space to play in and a space that parents would have peace of mind when leaving their child in our care.  Creating a space with

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10 Birthday Party Hacks

Have an upcoming birthday party to plan?  Let us help you with these 10 birthday party hacks! 1. Think OUTSIDE of your own space! Pick a space for your birthday party that is spacious, fun, and one that you are not in charge of tidying up afterwards!  *Renting an event space is a great way to avoid post-birthday-party responsibilities; You get to show up,

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Ten Years of Giggles!

From twelve months to twelve years, it is  more than just ten years.  It is more than just the time that has passed.  It is a decade full of memories, growth, exploration, creativity, and lots of play time along the way.  It is a period filled with imagination, obstacles, and learning as we went.  Looking back on it all, we are so grateful for

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The Wait is over!! Giggles of Greenville will be open for business Friday December 1!!!

After a small delay, we are excited to announce that the Giggles Drop-In Childcare in Greenville, SC will be open for business tomorrow Friday December 1, 2017.  The center located at 10 W. Lewis plaza looks amazing and we can’t wait to fill it with laughing, smiling kids having fun!  Come on out and see us!