My Child Has Only Been On A Couple of Play Dates, Will They Enjoy Themselves?

Some children are prone to separation anxiety and some are not, however, our staff is awesome!  Our centers are clean, furnished for fun and always busy with little ones.  The first time you drop them off to play, the might be a little nervous, but by the time you come to pick them up, they won’t want to leave!
My Child is Just Starting to Potty Train. What Will Happen While They Are There?

Woohoo!!  We are as excited about your child’s next step as you are.  Our team members are well trained and equipped to be the helping hand while you are away relaxing!  We have literally helped 100’s of children graduate to big underwear!  It would be our pleasure to help you and yours!
What ages do you accept?

We accept children 12 months to 12 years of age.  Your child must be a full 12 months old in order to visit.

What is your child to staff ratio?

Because we have children coming and going literally every few minutes all day long, our child to staff ratio is constantly changing too.  In our NC centers, we strive to maintain a maximum ratio of 10 children per 1 staff member. We are generally way under this ratio for most of the day.  We have been at this a long time (over 13 years) and we have become pretty good at predicting the busy times and we do schedule  extra staff for the busiest times.  We also utilize on call shifts for our staff so that we always have someone ready to come in to if the center if we are busier than usual. If you would prefer that your child visit at a slower time of the day, we recommend early in the morning or in the evening.

In our SC centers we are fully licensed and abide by the mandated SC department of childcare licensing regulations staff-to-child ratios at all times.

Is there a separate area for toddlers?

We do have a toddler area tucked off of the main play area that is a softer area with toys appropriate for younger ages.  However, this is open to the main play space, and children may easily come and go from this area.  We do have a separate area for school age children, that is a privilege for the older kids to be able to play games and play with other school age children.  In general our center is a large open play space where all ages play together.  We are very accustomed to this set up and do a great job monitoring the whole space to be sure that all of the children are playing together safely.  Our center was designed with visibility in mind so that we are always able to see and monitor the activities of the children in all areas of the center.

In our SC centers this toddler area is a separate room off of our main play area.

What are your hours?

Our NC centers open at 8:30 AM every morning but the SC centers do open earlier at 7:30 AM. Also,  to accommodate our summer campers we do accept kids as early as 8:00 AM at our Wilmington location in the summer because we do have extra staff on early in the mornings just in the summer time.

Our full hours for the week are as follows:

Monday-Wednesday 8:30am-9:00pm
Thursday 8:30am-10:00pm
Friday & Saturday 8:30am-11:00pm 

You can find holiday hours on the “about” page for each location.

Can my child stay longer than 4 hours?

The NC definition of drop in childcare has a four hour maximum per day.  School aged children can go over the 4 hours on occasion for school holidays and teacher work days or seasonal breaks.  So, if you have a need for more than four hours on one day, it’s allowed.  Also, our seasonal summer camp program and track out programs are full eight hour programs.

In our SC centers, because we are fully licensed, children are permitted to stay for a full day on a regular basis. Please call the center in your area for more detail.

Can I pack Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches ?

Because allergies to nuts are so common and can be life-threatening, we have made it a policy not to allow peanuts or peanut products in any of our facilities.  We thank you for your understanding in this matter!
What are your rates ?

We currently have 7 Giggles Drop-In Childcare locations and our prices and packages vary slightly by location.  You have to choose the location nearest you to view the pricing info.  The locations are listed below.

Cary NC

Greenville SC – Pelham Road

Jacksonville NC

Raleigh NC

Wilmington NC