Afterschool – Pelham Road – Greenville SC


We think you are going to love our after school program in Greenville, South Carolina which offers after school care and starting at 2 PM  every school day during the school year.

We are now offering after school pickup from: -Pelham Rd. Elementary,  -Brushy Creek Elementary, -Buena Vista Elementary, -Mitchell Rd. Elementary, -East North Street Academy and -Green Charter School!!

Please call and let us know if you are interested or have any questions! 864-252-4252

After your children are done with their school day, we pick them up and bring them to our new facility located at 3620 Pelham Road in Greenville, SC.

When they arrive at Giggles we feed them a snack and make sure their homework is completed. We do have designated after school teachers who help your child with their homework everyday if they need it. After homework, we have a fun daily activity for the kids. Following homework and the group activity, free play is encouraged until you come and pick your children up when you are done with your work day.

All After School Options include school days, half days, and four hours after 2PM on teacher work days.  If you need care on Holidays, or Saturdays, you can pay hourly or choose our After School Unlimited option.

Monthly Options:

After School Membership:

This includes four hours of child care from the time your child is in our care Monday through Friday at a monthly rate. There is a two month minimum commitment. The 30 day billing cycle gives you an even greater discount over our weekly rates. (This includes school days and four hours after 2PM on teacher work days).

  • $325 for one child
  • $575 for two children
  • $775 for three children

Part time After School Membership:

This is a monthly rate for up to 3 school days per week.   You can choose the 3 days you need.  There is a 2 month minimum commitment.

  • $250 for one child
  • $375 for two children
  • $500 for three children

After School Unlimited Membership:

Our most popular option. This includes four hours of child care 6 days per week at one low monthly rate. This has a 2 month commitment.

This option is great for families that need care on Saturdays, school holidays and breaks.

  • This price does include pick up from school
  • $475 for one child
  • $650 for two children
  • $825 for three children

Weekly Option:

The weekly rate includes four hours of after school care for 5 consecutive days.  It can start mid week if you need to and it will run for 5 consecutive school days. This is for school aged children only.

All weekly rates must be paid before care begins.

  • $85 for one child
  • $155 for two children
  • $225 for three children

Please Note:
We offer flexibility in end of day pick up times! Your child may stay for four hours from the time that they are picked up from school. If you need more time on occasion, we can do that! You will be charged at the regular hourly rate for any time after four hours.

Daily Option:

You can just use us for the day. This includes four hours anytime after 4 PM for school aged children on school days only. The time begins when your child is dropped off.

  • $ 30 for one child
  • $ 50 for two children
  • $ 70 for three children

Please call our center to purchase the daily option and confirm that we have space available. 


A registration fee of $50 as well as the first month or week is required to hold a spot for your child.

Full Semester Discounts

Fall Semester 2022
If you pay for the entire semester get a 10% discount!!

Purchase the entire fall semester of school by August 15, 2022 and get the following low rates.

  • 1 Child $1245
  • 2 Children $2200
  • 3 Children $2,965

This covers all school days including half days and teacher work days (after 2 PM) from August 15, 2022 until December 16, 2022. That’s 17 weeks or over four months!!

Must be purchased by August 15, 2022

Spring Semester 2023
If you pay for the entire semester get a 10% discount!!

The spring semester runs from January 3, 2023 until June 2, 2023. That’s 21 weeks or over 5 months for the following low rates!!

  • 1 Child $1535
  • 2 Children $2325
  • 3 Children $3660

Must be purchased by January 3, 2023.