Plans & Prices – Wilmington NC

Wilmington, NC Childcare Rates

We accept children from 12 months to 12 years old.

Hourly Rates

  • $10/hour for 1 child
  • $15/hour for 2 children
  • $19/hour for 3 children
  • $23/hour for 4 children

Package Pricing

  • $90 for 10 Hours
  • $240 for 30 Hours
  • $350 for 50 Hours
  • $600 for 100 Hours

  • $168 for 24 Hours
  • $288 for 48 Hours
  • $682 for 124 Hours

  • $216 for 36 Hours
  • $714 for 136

  • $264 for 48 Hours
  • $750 for 150 Hours

Weekly Rates

Rates are for 6 consecutive days in one week up to four hours per day. This plan MUST be used within one calendar week.

  • $125.00 for 1st Child
  • $175.00 for 2 Children
  • $250.00 for 3 Children

Giggles Unlimited Membership!!

We have created the unlimited membership that allows you to have a set monthly amount for childcare.  We have listened to what all of our Giggles families want and need from us.

  • $325/month for one child
  • $475/month for two children
  • $575/month for three children
  • $650/month for four children

The way it works is really pretty simple.  When you purchase your membership, you are able to use us as much as you like for childcare, while sticking to the NC state’s definition of drop-in childcare (a four hour maximum per day). In return for this fantastic deal, we ask for a minimum two month commitment for your membership.  After that you may cancel at any time with a 20 day written notice.  Your membership will begin on the date of purchase and will renew the following month on the same date. A credit card is required to purchase your membership and will be charged each month on the renewal date.

We also want to remind our families that while this is an unlimited membership, you must stick to the time restraints set forth by the state of NC for a Drop-in Childcare center. The state recommends a four hour maximum per stay.  You may go over on occasion but not repeatedly.  We are not a full time daycare.  All children on a single membership must be siblings.

Giggles “No Commitment” Unlimited Plan!!

The “No Commitment” Membership Plan acts the same as our Unlimited Membership above, however, there is no 2 month minimum commitment. Prices are below.

  • $425/month for one child
  • $575/month for two children
  • $675/month for three children
  • $750/month for four children

After School Membership:

This includes pick up from school and four hours of child care from the time your child is in our care Monday through Friday at a monthly rate. There is a two month minimum commitment. The 30 day billing cycle gives you an even greater discount over our weekly rates. (This includes school days and four hours after 2PM on teacher work days).

  • $300 for one child (Only $12 per school day)
  • $550 for two children (Only $22 per school day)
  • $775 for three children (Only $30 per school day)

Part time After School Membership:

This is a monthly rate for up to 3 school days per week. This also includes pick up from school for those 3 days.  You can choose the 3 days you need.  There is a 2 month minimum commitment.

  • $200 for one child (Only $16 per school day)
  • $350 for two children (Only $28 per school day)
  • $475 for three children (Only $37 per school day)

After School Unlimited Membership:

Our most popular option. This includes four hours of child care 6 days per week at one low monthly rate (including Saturdays). This has a 2 month commitment.

This option is great for families that need care on Saturdays, school holidays and breaks.

  • This price does include pick up from school.
  • $425 for one child
  • $650 for two children
  • $875 for three children

After School Weekly Option:

The weekly rate includes pick up from school and four hours of after school care for 5 consecutive days.  It can start mid week if you need to and it will run for 5 consecutive school days.

All weekly rates must be paid before care begins.

  • $80 for one child
  • $150 for two children
  • $215 for three children

Please Note:
We offer flexibility in end of day pick up times! Your child may stay for four hours from the time that they are picked up from school. If you need more time on occasion, we can do that! You will be charged at the regular hourly rate for any time after four hours.

After School Daily Option:

We will pick up children from school on a daily basis for four hours of care after school. The time begins when your child is in our care (i.e. when they are picked up from school). This option is only available if there is room on our van(s) and we must be notified by 1:00 PM.

  • $ 25 for one child
  • $ 45 for two children
  • $ 65 for three children

A registration fee of $50 as well as the first month or week is required to hold a spot on the van(s) for your child.

Date Night Package

Ever wish that you could schedule a regular date night with your spouse or maybe a frequent girls night out with your friends?  Now Giggles has a great new discount package just for you!

For the following low prices you will receive four “date nights” to use at your convenience anytime in a two month period any Monday through Friday after 5 PM. Each ‘date night’ includes four hours of childcare as well as a pizza dinner for your children at a great savings!

  • 1 Child $100 for the package of four nights (a savings of $80)
  • 2 Children $160 for the package of four nights (a savings of $120)
  • 3 Children $215 for the package of four nights (a savings of $149)

The packages are prepay only, which means that you pay for the whole package in advance. You must use all four nights with in two months of purchase or the package expires.

Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp is for kids on the go!  We have carefully planned weekly-themed activities around the Wilmington, NC area.

  • 1 Child $230 per week
  • 2 Children $410 per week
  • 3 Children $590 per week
  • 4 Children $770 per week

We offer a discount of $100 if 4 weeks are purchased at a time!
Registration fee of $25 is required.

We also offer daily rates.  The registration fee applies to daily campers one time for their first day.

  • 1 Child $65 per day
  • 2 Children $100 per day
  • 3 Children $135 per day
  • 4 Children $180 per day