Did you know that we are a peanut-free facility?

When Giggles Drop-In Childcare was still on the drawing board there were many crucial decisions that had to be made in order to ensure that every child had a safe space to play in and a space that parents would have peace of mind when leaving their child in our care.  Creating a space with safety as a top priority, it was an obvious choice to exclude one little nut that is a major allergy for children, and many adults, too- the peanut!  

As a peanut-free facility, we would like to offer a list of our favorite, kid-approved, peanut butter alternatives that you and your family can enjoy while dropping in with us, and in the comfort of your own home!

Almond Butter

It’s a great addition to any pantry, with it’s delicious, almost smoky, taste.  Similar to peanut butter, this spread can easily be used on sandwiches, in baking recipes, or as a dip!

Cashew Butter

Maintaining that same buttery taste, cashew butter is not a difficult alternative to choose.  It is a spread that most all enjoy!

Sunflower Butter

This alternative is a very easy, and tasty one to substitute for your child’s lunch.  Not only, is it a substitute that will most likely go unnoticed, but it has also been known to provide some hidden nutrition that peanut butter lacks -score!

Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread

Chocolate.. need we say more?  Kids, and adults, alike love to indulge in this alternative!  It goes great on sandwiches, and makes fruit an even sweeter treat! 

Soy Butter Spread

Similar to peanut butter, this alternative is jam-packed with protein.  Bonus, these spreads are entirely nut-free! Its taste is very comparable to peanut butter, and generally, the substitution goes unnoticed by those with picky tastebuds.


Paired with a sweet sidekick, this alternative can win over even the most devoted peanut butter fan.  Using a nice jam, or adding honey to this spread will ensure a winning combination!

Cookie Butter

We’ve rarely ever met a child that turns down anything cookie related!  This spread is a sweet sensation that is filling many lunchboxes with excitement, and pizazz!  Similar to a chocolate-hazelnut spread, it is one that goes great on a sandwich or paired with fruit.


We hope that each of these, kid (and Giggles) approved, alternatives are as helpful as they are tasty!  Also, while we are a peanut-free facility, we do understand that this is not the only allergy that our children will possibly have.  We pride ourselves on providing a safe environment for ALL of our Gigglers and strive to meet the needs of each individual child to the best of our abilities.  Please update us on any new dietary restrictions for your child, as they arise, to better help us serve you and your family!

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