As the weather warms, our bodies crave to be more in motion, and so do their little bodies!  Spring is the perfect time for kids to follow the season change, start something new, and spring into sports! So, let’s talk about putting down the electronics and getting active!

Physical Activity

A body in motion is a body that tends to stay in motion!  Sports help establish healthy lifestyle habits early on in a child’s life. The earlier that a positive habit is established, the more likely it is that it will be carried on into adulthood. So, not only is participating in sports a fun activity for kids, but it is also beneficial for them as they grow older.

Branching Out

For those that have never played a sport, the act of trying something new can be scary, but, the willingness to branch out and attempt the unknown is an important skill to learn. The success that is earned from a new activity can be more rewarding than any other. Sports offer many positive reinforcements from the crowd cheering them on, to seeing the score change that appears after each team accomplishment, players are encouraged to try their best in hopes of those joyous reactions!

Finding the Best Fit

If the sport is an unsuitable fit for your child, you will know fairly quickly. Kids that do not seem enthused about the sport they have chosen, or dread the thought of participating in it, may not be involved in the sport that is best for them. Children do not always love everything that they try, and that’s okay! The important idea to focus on is that they stepped out of their comfort zone, and tried something new. Talk with your child about the things that they enjoyed about the sport, and also what they didn’t care for so much. Take into account both of these answers to help in the search for their next activity!

Important Social Skills

With a child’s participation in sports comes the development of important social skills, and stronger character traits! On a team, children are often introduced to new peers and have to figure out how to best work together with them. Achieving goals as a team will leave each of them excited, and proud! Sports do not always come easily to everyone, and seeing their own hard work pay off is so rewarding. Other skills that are learned are self-discipline, dedication, and perseverance. These skills are important to have later in life as they meet new everyday challenges!

Learning to Lose

When most people think of sports, championships and trophies immediately cross their mind. However, partaking in sports does not mean always winning, in fact learning to lose is one aspect that is very beneficial to children. It teaches them that sometimes them giving their all is met by someone better who is also giving their all, and that’s okay! As long as they tried their hardest and put forth their full effort, then they should be incredibly proud of themselves.

A Sweet Season

Most importantly, have fun during this season of life! It is not only rewarding for them to see their own growth from the start of a sport, but it is so awesome to watch them grow and excel in something that they enjoy. Maybe playing t-ball will not guarantee that they will be the next Cal Ripken Jr., but they will have these memories of these sweet days and all of the things that they learned from this season when they are older.

Check out your local little leagues and other sports centers to get involved, today!

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