This fun twist on a classic Easter tradition is an activity that will have the kids hoping for hard-boiled eggs at every holiday dinner! Taking an otherwise ordinary white canvas and giving it a complete and total colorful makeover.. need we say more? Dyeing eggs is already so much fun to do for kids both young and old, and adding shaving cream to the process just makes it even more enticing!

You will need:

  • Boiled Eggs (soaked in vinegar)
  • Pan
  • Chopstick (or other thin tools)
  • Shaving Cream
  • Food Dye
  • Bowl of Water
  • Towel to Dry

step one

Take those sweet little blank canvases (the eggs), and, once they are boiled to perfection, let them soak in a bowl of vinegar for 20 minutes. This process is to help the color dye adhere better to the egg’s shell.

step two

In a large pan, spray enough shaving cream to completely coat the bottom.

step three

Randomly dot the shaving cream pan with the color dyes of your choice. Using a thin tool, swipe through the shaving cream to blend the colors and rid the pan of any white space.

step four

THIS IS THE REALLY FUN PART- select your egg from the vinegar soaked pile, and carefully roll it through the shaving cream full of color! Be sure to leave no surface area of the egg untouched, and when you are finished set the eggs to the side and allow them to sit for a short while to allow the dye to really adhere.

step five

Dip the finished eggs into a bowl of water to remove any excess shaving cream, and carefully pat dry, being sure not to wipe them and remove any dye.


We hope that you enjoy this Easter decorating activity and the fun that is had while making them!

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