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All 7 Locations of Giggles Drop-In Childcare Have Reopened Their Doors

As of May 18th, 2020, all seven locations of the renowned childcare franchise have reopened their doors.  This announcement comes after what felt like a neverending break filled with lots of uncertainties, and drawn out what-if scenarios.  While none of the locations had any known COVID-19 cases from its employees or customers, in late March many difficult decisions were made and almost all of

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New Year’s Eve Ideas for Families

New Year’s Eve Ideas for Families Rejoice! You have almost survived the holidays with kids. Now, you just have to figure out what to do for New Year’s Eve. If you have trouble staying up until the ball drops, don’t worry. If you have children, you have an excuse to go to bed early on New Year’s Eve. But that doesn’t mean that you

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Christmas Activities for Toddlers

Christmas Activities for Toddlers Holidays with toddlers are magical. They bring you back to your childhood, with memories of decorating cookies, putting together gingerbread cookies and making ornaments for everyone in the family. But you wonder why those memories don’t involve food-coloring stains on the kitchen counter, eating glue sticks and paint on the walls. Why didn’t anyone warn you that Christmas activities for

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Top Gifts for Kids and Family This Christmas

Top Gifts for Kids and Family This Christmas It’s nearing that time. Kids are writing and rewriting their Christmas lists, you’re trying to prepare early, and you have a number of people to shop for. Unless you’re one of those people who buy gifts for kids and family members throughout the year, the chances are good that you’re in hustle mode right now. You

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How to Survive the Holidays With Kids

Before the holidays arrive, you have visions of stringing lights around the house, putting up ornaments with the kids and making sure that you are on top of everyone’s gift lists this year. Then, Thanksgiving hits, and everything seems like a whirlwind after that.  Only half of each strand of lights actually glows, your toddler won’t stop trying to put ornaments in her mouth

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Sun Safety

During this Summer season, don’t forget the key to fun in the sun: sun safety! We want you and your family to be protected from those harmful ultraviolet rays and have plenty of time enjoying all of the warm sunny days that summer brings! The three main sun safety tips to keep in mind are: apply sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and seek shade! Sunscreen

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Bleeding Crepe Paper Art

We gave it a shot and the process is as simple as it can get!

Slime-Time Survival Guide

We all love to hate it and hate to love it, but at the end of the day, we think slime is pretty great! A trend loved by many ages, whether they have the recipe memorized by heart or just love to play with the goopy stuff once you’ve mixed it up for them, it is a fantastic sensory activity for the kids. Slime

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Giggles Drop-In Childcare Center to Open on Pelham Road – Kidding Around Greenville

Posted on April 25th, 2018 by Elizabeth Faulkner // If you’ve stopped in Earth Fare recently – or anywhere in that big shopping plaza on Pelham Road – you may have noticed a giant sign on the end of the building reading “Giggles.” That would be the second location of the first drop-in childcare company in the Upstate. The 4,700 square feet unit is

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Spring Cleaning!

It’s a wonderful time of the year; The flowers are blooming, the weather is warming, and you have a little extra spring in your step! So much step in-fact, you are ready to tackle the task of spring cleaning! We have a few spring cleaning notes that we feel are important to have through the process! We say few, but we know just how large

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