It’s a wonderful time of the year; The flowers are blooming, the weather is warming, and you have a little extra spring in your step! So much step in-fact, you are ready to tackle the task of spring cleaning!

We have a few spring cleaning notes that we feel are important to have through the process! We say few, but we know just how large of a task that spring cleaning is.. the fun of the matter really ends at the first “G” in its name..

So, let’s spring into it!

First things first- Check out your cleaning supplies, and restock any that you may be running low on, and replace any that may be way past their days of being truly effective. You will need these items in full-supply throughout this mission!

The best part of the spring cleaning process (and quite possibly why it is left to do once a year) is getting rid of all of that clutter! Make sure your trash bin is empty because we’re talking about purge time..

And, no, we don’t mean that super scary movie.. although, it may seem pretty horrifying when you open up that junk drawer/closet/room.

Not Judging. Only aware of the task at hand, and your goal of overcoming the accumulated junk that has gone, not overlooked, but, ignored since last spring season!

Getting rid of any/all excess stuff is simply freeing. Take this great opportunity to come together as a family and really sort through the items that are important to each of you and the items that should have been left in the discount toy bin in the checkout line that they just had to have! You and your family will all feel so much better by the end of it- just stay strong through the moments of why are we doing this, again? and BUT, I LOVE ALL OF MY THINGS

To help with those moments, we do recommend allowing your children/significant others to pick three items that they are absolutely, positively, one-hundred percent sure that they could not survive the year ahead of them without! This gives them the feeling that they are truly a part of this process as a volunteer and not just a forced laborer…

Your family will have numerous items that they may have outgrown, both, cognitively and physically, and it is time for these items to move on to a new home! Bag these items up and check out your local donation stores, such as, Goodwill, or Salvation Army!

For those toys that are falling apart, are missing important pieces, or are possibly a daring hazardous adventure every time that your child engages with them- it’s time to cut the cord! These should be the first to go into the trash bin. Face-it. Ultimately, we are only making room for those new discounted toy bin items from the checkout line to purge next year…

Life with kids can be somewhat of a revolving door…

Once the home has been decluttered, it’s time to really put the clean in spring cleaning! Find all of those hidden dust pockets, fingerprinted walls, rain-stained windows, and get to scrubbing!

It’s a good idea to assign tasks to each of your household members during this part of the process. According to skill-range, there should be a task for everyone to complete!

And we mean everyone, both, small and tall!

Honestly, you can potentially turn scrubbing the fingerprints off of the wall into a sweet little game; Explain that the home has been invaded by small creatures that leave dark smudges everywhere they touch! If the smudges are not erased by night, a raging momster will appear and force everyone to dinner without dessert and an early bedtime..terrifying(requires a bit of imagination, and possibly a sweet reward at completion!)

Ah, completion.

Probably the best part of spring cleaning, and it should be celebrated as such!

Don’t worry with drumming up the energy from everyone to go out to for a fancy dinner- order in! And, break out that fine china(AKA, paper plates)! Because there is absolutely no need to add to your everyday list of things to do when you just completed that major annual mission!


Happy Spring Cleaning, everyone!

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