We all love to hate it and hate to love it, but at the end of the day, we think slime is pretty great!

A trend loved by many ages, whether they have the recipe memorized by heart or just love to play with the goopy stuff once you’ve mixed it up for them, it is a fantastic sensory activity for the kids. Slime does get a bad rep due to pricey recipes and tricky cleanup, but we’ve got a few tips to help you survive this slimy trend and learn to love it, too!

Find A Simple Recipe

The thought of a recipe for slime can be overwhelming, but it does not have to be!

We enjoy using a very basic recipe that contains only common household items- glue, baking soda, contact solution, and water. That is all.

1 bottle of glue

1/2 TBS of baking soda

1 1/2 TBS of contact solution

1 TBS of water

Combine ingredients together, adding the contact solution in last, and mixing it all pretty quickly.

Viola! You now have slime.

*We also like to add in food coloring, and sometimes glitter, to make the slime more vibrant and fun.

Designate A Creative Space

As is important in all messy creative projects, it is especially important to choose a conducive space for creating slime and set boundaries for time spent playing with it.

We recommend using a hard surface, away from any fabric covered materials.

Fabric and slime do not mix well together.. (Slime is a little too clingy for Fabric’s taste)

A hard surface is perfect for slime plopping, smearing, squishing, oozing, and whatever else that can be done with slime!

Wear Slime Appropriate Clothing

As previously mentioned, slime and fabric do not mix well together!

Keep this in mind when allowing your child to play with their slime, and all other messy creative activities.

You don’t want their Sunday-best ruined by slime.

They probably won’t mind, but we know you will. So, make sure they are wearing appropriate playtime clothing!

Slimy Ideas

An invitation to play is an invitation to learn!

Take advantage of this messy activity, and creatively turn it into a learning opportunity!

Have your child create specific shapes, letters, or even numbers out of their slime.

When the learning process is fun it is more likely to be remembered and repeated!

Save the Slime

When the fun is done, don’t toss it in the trash- save it for another day!

There isn’t any reason to waste perfectly good slime, especially when even the simplest recipes can still add up price-wise.

Slime is easily stored in plastic tupperware, sandwich bags, or spare jars.

When your littles are ready to play with the slime again, simply take it back out for some more fun!

Clean Up Excess

Making sure that there is no trace of slime left behind is very important!

Excess slime can be picked up by tiny feet and end up smushed into that brand new center rug that you just spent months on trying to find the perfect one.. so, make sure the designated space is all wiped, swept, and de-slimed!

One helpful cleaning tip is to use the slime, itself. It will act as a magnet for any/all small slime chunks when squished onto them.


We hope that these tips are helpful in your next slimy adventure!

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