We believe in Easter basket essentials that will leave the kids with more of a rush of things to do, rather than just that initial sugar rush! We have compiled a list of essentials to help you stock your Easter baskets with items that will gain an exciting reaction from the littles, but still, supply them with fun activities long after the holiday ends!

10 Easter Basket Essentials

Handwritten note from the Easter Bunny

A note left behind by their favorite fuzzy friend will be such an unexpected surprise for them as they dive into their Easter goodies. Ideas for this note can range from a simple “hello”, to tales about their nights’ journey delivering all of the Easter goodies across the world! No matter what is written, your kids are sure to share their story with their friends and excitedly await the next years’ note!



Any invitation to read is always welcome, and enjoyed at any age! Whether your child is interested in a certain chapter-book series, is only starting to read, or just loves to listen to you read to them, adding to their library selection is always exciting!

Chocolate Bunny

As an Easter Basket staple, it is hard to think of a basket without one! The real question is, are you an ears-first or feet first kind of person? (Both are chocolate eating winners!)

Cadbury Eggs


Not sure if it is the chocolate shell, or the creamy surprise inside, or both! Whatever it is that makes this Easter treat so yummy, it is another staple for Easter Baskets, and it also doubles as a decorative addition to it. Place this addition around the other goodies for a cute Easter look!



We are pretty sure that you don’t outgrow your fascination of bubbles.. kids both, young and old, will always stop whatever it is that they are doing to find the source of the soapy spheres floating through the air! This Easter basket addition is great for both outdoor and indoor play, and can be the ultimate weapon against any brewing meltdowns as it is so calming!

Small Toy

Easter baskets are great to fulfill those small wishes that they have been asking for recently! A small toy, or game that they can engage with is a great item to put in their Easter basket. Puzzles, matchbox cars, stuffed animals, and other trinkets are the perfect essential! With their small size, but big excitement factor, these items are sure to be loved even after the holiday ends.


Coloring Book

An item that they can quietly occupy themselves with is great for them, and you as well! Coloring is an activity that kids can do without the assistance of an adult, and, depending on their interest, can spend an extended time working on their projects. Finding a book that is themed with their favorite animated character, and pairing it with a box of crayons, may just lead to them immediately breaking into a coloring session after opening their basket!

Sensory Activity

Sensory activities are always a blast, and generally, supply your kids with something fun and engaging to fill their empty time slots with! The list of these activities is somewhat extensive, but an easy go-to, and one that fits perfectly into an Easter basket is Playdough!

DIY activity

Include a recipe for a simple activity, such as slime, and include the ingredients for them to mix up themselves! This is easily tailored to the age and independence level of your child. It can be an activity that you can participate in with them, or one that they can tackle on their own- you decide!

Gift Card

Of course, an Easter basket essential that should never be left out is the gift of play time and free time! Stop by, or order online for your Giggles gift card


Happy Easter everyone!

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