We want to help you make sure that you shamROCK this St. Patrick’s Day!

Everybody’s beloved day of green, St. Patrick’s Day, is celebrated internationally. Dedicated to a Saint that, legend has it, drove all of the snakes of Ireland into the sea! The saint himself, was captured by pirates at the age of sixteen, and forced into slavery, and things didn’t look so good. But, he kept faith, and in time, he escaped to his home country.  Later, he returned back to Ireland where he became famous for his biblical teaching method using the Shamrock. Presently, we wear green not only to avoid being pinched, but to cerebrate the Shamrock!
So, in what ways can you shamROCK this St. Patrick’s Day? Let’s find out!

Patience, and of course luck are two ingredients that you will need for this first activity.  A large yard full of shamrock patches is good, too!  Spend some time outdoors while you seek & find those shamrocks!  A four-leafed shamrock is your ticket to luck throughout the rest of the day, but if you can only find those with three leaves rest assured that it is just another legend and that one is not superior to the other.  It’s really just about having a little bit of fun! St. Patrick himself only used clovers with three leaves in his biblical teachings. This activity is great for building focus for kids, and a great way to get a little extra fresh air! 

If you can’t find the shamrock, drink it!  A tasty way to indulge in this green holiday is to whip up a batch of those tasty shamrock shakes. With some ice cream, food coloring, mint flavoring, and a blender you will have a St. Patrick’s day concoction ready in no time! And lots of happy little helpers ready to assist, and taste test! If your family is not a fan of mint-flavors, you can easily just leave that part out. Spending time in the kitchen with your kids is a great way to gain some fun quality time, and instill many lifelong skills!

For our crafty connoisseurs, we know that you will be happiest making your St. Patrick’s Day shamROCK.   Grab some green paint, and get creative!  There are endless ways to craft about this holiday, but we think that you can never go wrong with handprints!  Have your child press their green paint-dipped hands onto a piece of paper in a four-leaf pattern.  When they have completed their prints, outline the leaves to make your shamrock really pop! Painting of any sort is always fun, but there is something about using their own hands as the tool that kids go nuts for! This activity will leave you with a shamrock keepsake to cherish for years.

Last, but not least, don’t forget the most obvious way to make your St. Patrick’s day shamROCK.. wear that green!  Whether you are the type to paint yourself green, or just simply wear a favorite green tee, make sure your St. Patrick’s day is pinch-free.  The trend of wearing green on the holiday, actually started due to a legend about mischievous leprechauns. Legend has it that wearing green made invisible to them, and kept you safe from being pinched!

We hope that you have the happiest of St. Patrick’s Day’s! And, a pinch-free one at that!

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