Field Trips At Giggles Summer Camp Wilmington

Things to do in Wilmington, NCField Trips At Giggles Summer Camp Wilmington

The best part of summer camp is getting to go on field trips to fun locations. That’s why at Giggles Drop-In Childcare’s summer camp in Wilmington, North Carolina, we take the kids on a field trip every single day of our thirteen-week schedule. 

Read on to learn how far away our field trip destinations are, and where we will be taking our campers each week.

How Far Away Are The Summer Camp Wilmington Field Trips?

When you hear the words, “field trip,” your first thoughts as a parent are: where are the field trips, and how far away are they? 

We go into detail about our destinations below, but the most important thing you should know is that we don’t travel far. Our farthest field trip, Fort Anderson, is still within an hour of Wilmington, but most of them are situated within the Wilmington area. 

Regardless of where we go, we always return to the daycare center by 2:00 or 3:00 PM.

Things To Do In Wilmington

There are plenty of things to do in Wilmington to keep youngsters’ attention, from the trampolines at Flip n Fly to the farm animals at Poplar Grove Barnyard to the Battleship North Carolina! 

Some of these field trips, like Flip n Fly and Scooter’s, we’ll visit multiple times throughout the summer because of how much fun our campers have when we go there.

Below is a complete list of the field trips we’ll take at our 13-week summer camp, plus a brief description of each location.

  • Scooter’s
    Scooter’s Family Skating Center is a great place for kids to practice their coordination and motor skills, all while gliding across the shiny hardwood floor in their roller skates. As we mentioned earlier in this article, we come here multiple times throughout the summer. We love roller skating at Scooter’s because it gets the kids out of the heat while still keeping them active. And they have tons of fun while doing it!
  • Flip N Fly
    Flip N Fly is the fly-est trampoline park in Wilmington! Okay, that was a bad pun, but it’s certainly true that this place is cool. There are lots of different areas to play, including an arcade and a Kids Court that is just for little ones to jump in. The best part? It’s a safe environment, with cushions and foam to catch children if they fall. Your kid will love being able to bounce and leap and get out some of that boundless energy!
  • No Sleeves Magic
    This next field trip will dazzle, befuddle, and enchant kids of all ages. No Sleeves Magic is a local entertainment establishment that puts on hilarious and family-friendly magic shows. Your child will laugh at the jokes and silly antics of the cast, gasp at the incredible magic tricks, and have a wonderful time!
  • Poplar Grove Barnyard
    The Poplar Grove Barnyard is always a huge hit with our campers. The kids love to see and learn about the farm animals on this historical plantation located about twenty minutes from WIlmington proper. They’ll be able to pet the animals, learn how they’re taken care of, and get plenty of fresh air and sunshine at the same time.
  • Fort Anderson
    Fort Anderson is our chance to let our campers experience the rich, exciting military history of the North Carolina area. Previously a pre-revolutionary port village called Brunswick (before it was razed to the ground by British soldiers), Fort Anderson was constructed in the same spot during the Civil War era. You can still see the foundations of colonial buildings that were located in Brunswick, as well as the intact brick fort. 
  • NC Battleship
    The Battleship North Carolina is the pride and joy of Wilmington, and it’s also a fantastic place to take a field trip! The kids will be able to climb aboard this piece of history and learn about the lives of the men who built it and served on it during World War II. They’ll even experience a little something of what it was like to live on the ship as they pretend to start the engines or steer the ship.
  • The Marsh
    The Marsh in Wilmington is the perfect nature field trip for a group of rambunctious youngsters. During our excursion here, the kids will learn all about the local critters that live in the waters surrounding their town, and even go dip netting to examine the amazing creatures up close!
  • Ice House
    There’s no better way to help kids stay cool than by taking them to the Wilmington Ice House! Even if your child doesn’t know how to ice skate, they can still have fun on the rink by using skating aids until they feel comfortable enough to strike it out on their own. And of course, we’ll be close by to help them and make sure everyone has a great time!
  • Airlie Gardens
    We love getting the campers outside and teaching them about local flora and fauna, which is why visiting Airlie Gardens is a must. This beautiful botanical garden’s 67 acres are full of all kinds of trees, flowers, birds, butterflies, pollinators, and even sculptures. Everywhere you turn, there is something to catch and delight a youngster’s eye. 

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