Have an upcoming birthday party to plan?  Let us help you with these 10 birthday party hacks!

1. Think OUTSIDE of your own space!

Pick a space for your birthday party that is spacious, fun, and one that you are not in charge of tidying up afterwards!  *Renting an event space is a great way to avoid post-birthday-party responsibilities; You get to show up, party, eat cake, and leave!  Most event spaces will allow you to decorate according to the theme of your party, and some will even assist you with any decorating needs that you may have.  When it is time for you to leave, take the items that you brought with you(decor, dishes, etc.), and any presents received, and head on your way

 2. Sweet + Simple!

Using decorations that can be easily put up, and taken down is a great way to personalize a rented space!  Even subtle items will have a big impact, and make the space feel like your own.  These items can range from DIY creations to match your theme, or party store pick-ups. No matter where they originate from, they will be a sweet addition to the party!

3. Cake! Cake! Cake!

Face it.  It’s the highlight of the celebration!  Really, you can’t go wrong with the cake, because they are all yummy.  Save time, and money by ordering from your local market.  These cakes can easily be personalized, and most markets offer character options to fit in with the theme of your party!

4. Balloons!

“You get a balloon! And, you get a balloon!”, is what you will be saying at the end of the party(in your best Oprah voice).  This birthday party hack doubles as both a fun decoration, and a party favor for your guests!  Which in the end is a party favor that every kid will love!

5. Activity Stations!

Setting up stations throughout the event space(permitted there is room for it), is a great way to keep your guests engaged, and on the move throughout the party!  These stations can consist of minute-to-win-it games, races, or other traditional party games.  Creating a flow for your guests to follow is an easy way to entertain them, and avoid any awkward standing around!

6. DIY Party Favors!

This is a cute idea for an activity station! Allowing your guests to create their own party favor is winning in the best of ways; It’s creative! It’s entertaining! It’s a gift that they get to design themselves!  By letting them create their own party favor, you eliminate the hassle of stuffing bags full of items that will inevitably send kids to the dentist, or get sent to file 13.. So, take this hack and run with it!  From painting, to pasting, to applying stickers to easy cut-outs- the possibilities are endless!

7. Jam Out!

Keep some tunes playing in the background to ensure a fun, and upbeat mood!  Most music app stations can even be tuned to specific themes, such as, Disney Princess or Star Wars!  This only further immerses your guests in the theme of your party, and, also, aids in avoiding any awkward silent pauses.

8. Photo Booth!

These days it isn’t a full on party until you have a wall dedicated to being a photo-op!  A photo booth is very simple to create, and can be done in an inexpensive manner.  Simply, tape a disposable table cloth to the wall (solid colors encouraged), adorn it with tassels, balloons, etc., and place some cute props beside it!  This will entertain guests, and capture some sweet moments from the party- all while you mingle, and party, yourself!

9. Think Party, Not Feast!

If you are responsible for bringing any event food, other than the cake, then keep the menu light!  Simple finger foods, and juice boxes will do just fine.  Guests will be able to eat as they please, and not have to wait for any main entree to be prepared, or dished out.  This will also help eliminate having too many leftovers for you to take home!

10. Have Fun!

When you rent an event space, you have the luxury of letting others run the show.  This leaves you free to party with your guests! So, join in on the fun- take a silly photo in the photo booth, play a game at one of the awesome stations that you organized, decorate your own party favor, and enjoy celebrating!


*Contact our nearest location to you for inquiries on having your child’s birthday party at Giggles!  Our birthday parties are all private events, with low prices, personal assistance throughout your party, and we handle all of the clean-up after the party ends!  Simply, arrive, celebrate, and head home after a birthday party that your kids are sure to remember!

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