Week 08 Creative Minds

Monday 7/31- We will spend the day at the Wilmington Children’s Museum exploring, creating and using our imaginations.  We will eat a packed lunch there and play outside before heading back.

Tuesday 8/2 -It’s movie day at the Point at Barclay- “Monster Trucks”. We will follow it with some pizza at the park. In the afternoon we will get creative with invisible ink.

Wednesday 8/3-We will have fun swimming at the Northside Pool followed by a yummy Chic-Fil-A lunch. The day is a hit with some Ga Ga ball at the park.

Thursday 8/4 It’s Pollock Painting at the park.  The kids loved this activity last year.  Throwing paint outside, what’s not to love?  We will enjoy a great pizza lunch at Ci Ci’s Pizza and then head back to Giggles for some creativity with Shrinky Dinks.

Friday 8/5 We will cool off at the Hugh MacRae Splashpad with lots of fun water games.  We will enjoy lunch at Islands before heading back for some free play in the afternoon.