Week 04 Nature Adventures

Monday 7/3– We will pack our lunch and head to Carolina Beach State park for a day of adventures hiking the tails, looking for carnivorous plants and visiting the nature center.

Tuesday 7/4-Closed for the Independence Day Holiday


Wednesday 7/5 -We will swim at the Legion Stadium Pool and then head to Chic-Fil-A Mayfaire for lunch. We will follow it all up with some Ga Ga ball at the park.

Thursday 7/6-We will watch “The Secret Life of Pets” at the Point at Barclay.  We will follow it up with pizza for lunch and exploring the gardens at the Arboretum. In the afternoon we will return to Giggles for Minute-2-win-it games.

Friday 7/7- We will head to the Hugh MacRae splash pad for some fun water play! We will enjoy a great lunch at Islands and then head back to Giggles for free play.